The meat we serve comes from animals born and raised at the Scaglia family farm at Rivoli. 80% of the grains (corn, oats and barley) and fodder for their diet are produced on the farm. The farm strictly adheres to the regulated 18 months of growth required for the animals.

Our flagship product is Fassone, beef from the Piemontese cow and is certified by
 the consortium Coalvi. 
Our chickens are free range. 
Pork is bred humanely without the use of an angled box. 
All processing is manual, completely natural and without added preservatives, colorants or binders. 
In our restaurants we use state of the art ovens and appliances to reduce fumes and lessen the environmental impact while enhancing the flavour and reducing the harmful process of carbonization that occurs during grilling.
BREAD All dishes are served with sourdough bread produced in the artisan bakery "Arte Bianca" at Rivoli.
FRIES Our fresh cut potatoes are provided by Agrocompany Chieri (TO).
VEGETABLES Salad and vegetables are delivered daily by Agrocompany Chieri (TO).
SAUCES Salsas and sauces are handmade and locally produced with top quality ingredients by Buon Gustaio, Santena (TO).

We use extra virgin olive oil, produced in Italy, for dressing all dishes.

We use sunflower oil for optimal cooking of our fries.
CHEESE Our dairy products come from Cascina Fontana Cervo at Villastellone (TO), producers of the highest quality milk.
PLATES ETC. Our disposable plates, cutlery and cups are made by Huhtamaki in Settimo Torinese (TO). They are created from either PLA biodegradable or pulp from sugar cane or palm leaves.