When you really love your work,
you want to share the best results with everyone.

For three generations, our farm has produced meat, particuarly beef from Piemontese cattle, Fassone, certified by the consortium Coalvi.

Year after year we fine tune our sensitivity and awareness, alongside improved production systems,
in order to reach the level of quality we are proud of.

Correct breeding times, the level of maturity reached, storage and preparation are at the heart of our proposal to restore a "fast food" that revolves around the  environment, as well as the taste.
We use biodegradable and completely compostable plates, cutlery and glasses. With humidity they break down entWe have chosen to reduce waste at every stage. For  example, the hamburgers are served in practical paper bags.


After you have ordered at M**Bun,
there is no need to stand and wait for
your food, you will recieve a pager
that vibrates when your tray is ready,
allowing you to sit back,
relax and enjoy your night!